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  • The Canterbury Tales adaptation of Chaucer’s tales, Stratford Circus (UEL), 2010

  • Zer0 Hour by Warmington-Shiell and Papagiannouli, Stratford Circus (UEL), 2010
  • Woyzeck by G. Buchner, Stratford Circus (UEL), 2009
  • All my sons by A. Miller, Stratford Circus (UEL), 2009
  • The 3+1 little girls: 10 games adaptation of Picasso’s play, Kleio Theatre (AUTH), 2009
  • Killing game by E. Ionesco, Kleio Theatre (AUTH), 2008
  • Rose Tattoo by T. Williams, Liomena Theatre (AUTH), 2007
  • Waiting for Godot by Becket, Liomena Theatre (AUTH), 2006
  • The Chairs by E. Ionesco, Liomena Theatre (AUTH), 2006
  • Woyzeck by G. Buchner, Liomena Theatre (AUTH), 2005