Call for collaborators for the 10th UpStage birthday performance contribution

As you may already know, UpStage will turn 10 years old in January and I am combining the final performance for my practice-based PhD research (Etheatre Project: Directing Political Cyberformance) with the birthday celebrations.

Throughout my research I focused on the political character of cyberformance and the use of cyberstage as a debate space for political expression and participation, under the theoretical umbrella of Bertolt Brecht’s political theatre. In particular, in Cyberian Chalk Circle cyberformance I focused on the Arab Spring and the use of the Internet in Egyptian revolution during 2011 and in Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear I looked at the 2008 Greek riots.

As a Greek migrant myself, for my final cyberformance I am interested in exploring the phenomenon of EU internal migration. More and more young people from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the new entries Bulgaria and Romania who cannot find work in their home countries are immigrating to Germany, Netherlands, Finland and the UK. This has resulted in ongoing debates regarding the free movement of workers in Europe. With this project I aim to bring the hot discussion topic on UpStage, and collaborate remotely with artists all over the world to create a site-specific, interactive performance based on the above-mentioned issue.

I am looking forward to (cyber)collaborate with anyone willing to contribute and participate in such an interactive event, sharing the same interest in the political character of cyberformance or the performance topic. I am planning to have the performance twice: morning & evening of the 9th January (European time) and why not maybe and a third time (outside the birthday celebrations programme). At this stage nothing is yet settled and I am open to any suggestions.

If you are interested in collaborating with Etheatre Project, please email me at:

Looking forward to your responses,

Christina Papagiannouli